Mikayla Ann Cyndie Howse


This is the story of a brave little soul. Her name is Mikayla Ann Cyndie Howse. Mikayla is a beautiful 7 year old little girl, she has blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Mikayla was born ten days late on March 2nd, 2012 we were raced to CHEO 6 hours after her birth. This should have been a happy time for all of us, but times were dark. I, Mikayla's mom was holding on as long as I could to my beautiful little daughter. We were told she would be born stillborn then after she was not we were told she would only live for two days. She spent the first 2 weeks of her life living at Roger Nielson house with the palliative care team. See, Mikayla had a fetal stroke, a very rare condition since then Mikayla has been diagnosed with several conditions bilateral schizencephaly being one of them and spastic cerebral palsy being another one. Mikayla and I probably know CHEO like the back of our hand, the appointments, the tears, the tests it was a very hard start to a very inspiring little girl's life. She did not give up though, she shined like the beautiful star that she truly is. She was not supposed to walk, she does assisted by a walker, she wasn’t supposed to eat on her own she has been eating solids for a whole year now. She continues to blow our minds and the minds of the professionals who didn’t see a bright future for her. I won’t ever give up because she is such a true motivation to me and everyone else around her.

Bryce Desrochers

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